Brand Essence

The ask

Create a 90 second to 3 minute “Brand Essence” video for Victoria’s Secret. This is not a commercial – tell the brand story with sound and pictures. Additional stipulation: You may not use any imagery of models in underwear.

Our approach

Victoria’s Secret used to be a sexy and provocative brand. Today ,it is best known for its gaudy, over-the-top fashion show, and the ironic, insincere and often absurd-looking fake-wing-clad models known as “angels.” We believe Victoria’s Secret needs to get back to its roots. To do this, we asked: “What is the one thing that draws customers to this brand?” We used Simmons National Consumer Database to do a brand DNA analysis.We learned that Victoria’s Secret customers:

  • Are ambitious. “Want to get to the very top incareer”(ix:138)
  • Enjoy taking risks (ix:125)
  • Like to stand out in a crowd (ix:156)
  • Like control over people and resources (ix:129)
  • Self concepts: Dominating, Authoritarian, Demanding, Aggressive (ix:133)
  • They are also trendsetters: “First among friends to try new styles”(ix:225),
  • “Like to make a unique fashion statement” (ix: 180)

This led us to our insight: Victoria’s Secret isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you feel. A woman’s undergarments are the first thing she puts on in the morning. It represents a conscious decision about how you approach your day: will it be with purpose, poise and confidence? Or will it be a drab, run-of-the-mill routine?

Introducing “Burn blue”: